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advocacy action center

Board Action On Proposed Legislation

One of the five pillars of the governance structure of the NJPA is the Council on Advocacy.  The Council is responsible for advocating on matters that pertain to the profession, patients, health/mental health care, and public health, by advancing the New Jersey Psychiatric Association’s position on legislative matters, reviewing and commenting on proposed government regulations, collaborating with other professional allied organization and other means. The Council on Advocacy meets via teleconference twice monthly to review proposed and pending legislation.  Members of the Council evaluate bill language by applying the principles of evidence-based care with the aim of increasing access to care, ensuring the delivery of quality of care and protecting physician scope of practice.  When required expertise is not represented among the members of the Council, the Chair may call upon Association experts to consult.  The Council on Advocacy ultimately makes a recommendation to the Board of Trustees.  The Board will review the Council’s recommendation and vote to establish the Association’s position on each matter. Throughout the process the NJPA is assisted by Advocacy and Management Group (AMG), to provide legislative advocacy support and lobbying services. An AMG representative participates in every Council call and is at each Board meeting. Click here for recent Board actions on proposed legislation.

Psyched about NJPA Membership

“I have been a member of the APA for over 40 years and an NJPA member for the past 5. I recently consulted with an NJPA expert advisor on a pharmacologic question who was knowledgeable and clear in his thoughts. Thank you NJPA for making collaboration with colleagues possible!”

— Williard Jay Shanken, MD, DLFAPA
Member Since 1976

Platinum Partner of NJPA


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